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Your property is a large investments and should be protected. When it comes to protecting your property from termites and other wood destroying organisms,

Southwest Termite Control, Inc.

Guarantees an effective and professional treatment every time.

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Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and Riverside Counties

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Subterranean, Formosan, Drywood and Dampwood termites are the most common structure invading termites in the United States.


 Problem insect/damage:
Mode of Treatment/ Control

Subterranean Termites (living underground):

These are social insects and cause the most destruction creating billions of dollars in damages to homes every year! Termite colonies are made up of three case member. Reproductive, workers, and Solder are needed to form a successful colony.

  • Bait Method
  • Pressure treatment with liquid chemicals

Drywood Termite(Kaloterm)



Local Treatment


Spot/ Foam with liquid chemical solutions

Other local Treatment

 Fungus/ Dry Rot

Eliminate Water Source

Wood Replacement




What is termite inspeciton?

We inspect for infestations and damages by wood destroying pest and organisms.

Organisms controlled:



Others: Wood burrowing Beetles, Carpenter Ants, Bees, Damp Wood Termites (The Inspections does not include ants, spiders,crickets, fleas, molds, etc.)

What areas do you inspect ?

All accessible areas & attached structures (interiors, exteriors and garage)

Additional information:

A contact person on site is required to provide entry. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours to inspect one dwelling depending on the size, condition and accessibility.



$95.00 Certificate Fee

 Reports emailed or faxed within 24 hours

Fast Fact:

"Termites cause about 5 billion dollars in property damage annually" according to the National Pest Management Association.


  • Homeowners
  • Property Management
  • Corporations

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